GECKOS explores the potential of crowdsourcing issues, ideas, and potential solutions from employees to help companies effectively and more efficiently address internal concerns.

GECKOS is broken down into three stages: Issue Management, Idea Generation, and Solution Development.
Issue Management
In the Issue Management stage, employees will submit issues they feel need to be addressed within the company. Issues are viewed and voted on forum-style.

After a certain amount of time and activity, the issues that were voted to be higher priority will move on to the next stage, Idea Generation.
Idea Generation
In the Idea Generation stage, others will add ideas they feel could help to solve or lessen the issue. Ideas for each issue will also be voted on, and the best ideas will move on with the issue to the last stage, Solution Development.
Solution Development
In the Solution Development stage, plans for solutions will be submitted. Using ideas and concerns collected from the issue so far, people will submit their potential solutions for the issue. Others will give feedback on the solutions to refine them, and vote for the solutions they believe will be most helpful.

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