Customers sometimes struggled to find the information they needed on the website. Hot Head runs promotions frequently, but promoting them on the brand's website often didn't happen, because editing the site itself was complicated with the setup being used at the time. The site was also falling behind the newer brand direction, and needed to be updated to match new materials and store updates.
Some customers had trouble finding the information they wanted to know on the website. We wanted to make sure to include the most useful things, including more information on the menu, individual store landing pages, and details on upcoming promotions and deals.
The team worked together to update the site's design and decide what new content was needed. I helped to collect any information needed for the database and set up a new content management system. We needed a lot of new photos, clearer descriptions of things such as policies and offers, and a better idea of what the experience at a store was like.
The Hot Head team refreshed the design of the site with a few mockups of main sections such as the home and menu pages and provided some brand elements to tie in the physical stores with the website's content. From there, I built out the site with more information, and with a new content management system, future adjustments quicker and easier. I also helped incorporate database information into the new site to keep everything up to date as easily as possible in the future.

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